Camp will be open for all visitors from 12 PM on 4th of August till 12 PM on 8th of August.


  • Changing the ticket for camp wristband can be done at the camp’s reception desk
  • Camp’s reception desk is located at the entrance of the festival’s camp zone
  • The wristband is your personal ticket, it refers to a person, not a tent
  • Please bring your ID card or passport



  • Organizers of the festival are not responsible for potential loss of personal belongings or injuries within the festival location caused by the reckless behavior of the campers
  • No open fire in the camp allowed
  • No setting up tents on places predicted for camp street allowed
  • No cars or any mothorvehicles allowed
  • No underaged persons allowed
  • Camp and festival wristband mustn’t be taken of till the end of the festival
  • Take care of your wristband. Wristbands are strong and resistant, but not indestructible
  • Possible loss of your camp or festival wristband will require buying a new one (no exceptions)
  • No one without the camp wristband will be allowed into the camp zone
  • Camp is under video surveillance 24/7
  • For all additional questions and information please refer to the Lovefest camp team on the reception desk
  • Working hours of the reception desk is from 00:00h till 24:00h
  • Lovefest keeps the right to search every camper within the standard procedure of checking the luggage and individuals


  • Within the camp zone there will be placed enough mobile toilets (nature is not a good choice)
  • Camp zone has adequate number of showers which will be available for campers every festival day


  • No pets allowed
  • No buying alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages outside the festival location allowed
  • No cold or fire weapons allowed
  • No drugs or any illegal intoxicating substance allowed
  • No flammable items or items that can cause fire allowed
  • No glass in any shape anytime during the festival allowed
  • No swimming in the lake allowed
  • No loud music and disturbing public order and peace during the day allowed


You can only bring a smile and good spirit with you!

Violating any rule implies immediate and permanent removal of the camp bracelet!