When will the festival be held this year? 

Lovefest will be held from 5th to 7th August, 2021 in Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia.

How many stages the festival has and what are they? 


Where is Vrnjačka Banja? 

Vrnjačka Banja is located in central Serbia, 200km south of Belgrade and 26km from Kraljevo, 130km from Niš, 60km from Kragujevac and 290km from Novi Sad. The municipality belongs to the Raška district.

How to get to Lovefest? 

The magical island of love is located in the park one of the most famous spas in Serbia. You can get to us from every town in Serbia by car, bus or train.

What is the best means of transport to get to the festival site? 

After arriving, we recommend that you move around the city on foot or by a bicycle – you’ll save fuel, you’ll be fit, and there is no need for other transport since all stages are located in the immediate vicinity.

What is the payment method at the festival? 

Food, drinks, souvenirs and other services and activities can only be paid with tokens, Lovefest’s currency. From the beginning till the end of the official part of the program, during all three days, tokens can be bought at token booths, which will be placed throughout the festival locations and clearly marked. You can buy tokens only by cash; tokens cannot be purchased by card. Tokens are not labeled; each token can be used for purchasing all kinds of drinks, food, souvenirs and additional services. One token can be used no more than one time. Unused tokens are not refundable.

What clothing to pack in a suitcase? 

Due to the specific climate in Vrnjacka Banja, besides the things you regularly bring with you to summer festivals, we advise you to pack your clothes from bathing suit – for hot summer days, to thin jackets – for fresh mornings.

What are the things I cannot bring in with me to the festival venue? 

For your safety we created a general roolbook defining which items you cannot bring into festival venue:

  • No weapons allowed
  • No drugs or any illegal intoxicating substance allowed
  • No unauthorized professional cameras – any photo and video will be considered Lovefest property, and author of said materials is obliged to turn them over to the festival
  • No food bought outside the festival location allowed
  • No bottles or cans allowed
  • No music instruments allowed
  • No pets allowed
  • No big umbrellas allowed
  • No masks allowed
  • No lasers allowed
  • No big backpacks allowed

Do I have to be an adult to get into the Lovefest? 

Yes. Lovefest is 18+ festival.

How to buy a ticket for H2O Stage? 

Tickets for H2O Stage will be available for purchase at the entrance of the Olympic pool during the festival days. Ticket price will be promptly disclosed.

Can I buy food at the festival? 

Lovefest has its Foodland Corner within which you can buy food. This year you’ll be able to make a break with burgers, pasta or sandwiches.