Trole & Vlada Russ

Ultra Energy Stage

Trole and Vladimir Kostic, behind the decks known as Vlada Russ, are initiators and indigenous ingredients of interesting party serial – Body n Balls. As passionate collectors, typical vinyl enthusiasts, and regular DJ hosts of large number of well-known dance clubs in Belgrade during last 15 years – from Mamolo, through Exille and the Wash up to 20/44 – they were persistently trying to justify their love in the classic sound of house music. At the Love Fest, the audience can expect to hear vinyl leaks in the form of analogue beats, complex moog synths, gospel and soul vocals and disco samples. Gentle journey through history and heritage of the electronic dance music, with focus on key moments.

Date: Saturday 7. Avgust

Time: 00:00 - 02:00