Jameson Live Stage

Senidah is a well-known Slovenian hip-hop, RnB and trep singer-songwriter who gained regional solo popularity in 2018 with the song Sladjana published by Bassivity Digital. After the first single that marked the beginning of her solo career, numerous hits followed – Belo, Bez tebe, 4 strane sveta, Nisi bio tu, Mišići, while lately two new songs, Replay and Balkanka, have been constantly attracting attention. In addition to being the most sought-after performer from our region, the title of Trep Diva attributed to her is deserved, since in 2020 she won the MAC award for the trep song of the year, as well as the golden MAC for authenticity. Senidah is at the very top on the streaming platform in terms of audience, and every day he pushes the boundaries of the regional music scene, captivates with his unique style and unforgettable energy in his performances.

Date: Thursday 5. Avgust

Time: 01:00 - 01:30