Ultra Energy Stage

In late 2014 The Guardian made a list called ’25 of the best clubs in Europe’ in which Belgrade’s legendary boat 20/44 was included. One of the most deserving people who have contributed to the quality of the program and the overall success of this club is DJ and producer Nebojša Bogdanović – Schwabe. As one of the founders of the cult Disco Not Disco party series he leads with DJ Brka and Toshke, Schwabe is responsible for hosting parties with giants such as: Beppe Loda, Ron Morelli, Tako, Vidal Benjamin, Scott Fraser, Chida, Black Merlin, Abel, Lee Douglas, Baris K, Vladimir Ivkovic, Ray Mang and many more, thus leaving an indelible mark on Belgrade’s nightlife.

His production career began within Kompleks, fans’ favorite live duo he once formed with his pal Lule. Schwabe recently drew public attention as Tapan, another slo-mo duo he formed with Goran Simonoski. Two Tapan EPs, „Volume“ for Scott Fraser’s Crimes Of The Future label and „The City“ for Willie Burns’ WT Records show Schwabe’s haunting 100bpm-oriented world in the best possible light. Known as the modest master of dark slow rhythms, Schwabe as a DJ is at his best when he is given enough time and space to transcend genre and experiment with his immaculate collection of seductive rhythms, ambient music and ethnic influences.

Date: Thursday 5. Avgust

Time: 00:00 - 02:30