Nadežda Dimitrijević

Gorki 99 Stage

Born in Belgrade, March 27, 1990. She built her career since she was a kid, searching for the inspiration she has today. Graduated communicologist, went to music school, section – piano, on the fashion scene since 2009, in cooperation with fashion agencies. She has been working on a festival organisation for  – Belgrade Beer Fest , Exit festival Jagermeister Chill zone, Muscicology festival, Matinée Fest, as well as on many cultural music events. DJ’s career began in 2014, followed by performance invitations from Belgrade night clubs. Resident of Ben Akiba Club, Belgrade Genres that complement her sets:  Deep House, Minimal House, Techno House. She has performed at festivals such as, Exit – Urban Bug stage, DEV9T, in Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Austria, Switzerland, France, Barcelona, Germany, Israel, Tel Aviv. Also, now she involved in music production.

Date: Friday 6. Avgust

Time: 01:30 - 03:00