Loco Dice

If you talk about underground, it’s not that underground anymore. I hate that word.” 
“When I’m sad I need music, when I’m angry I need music, when I’m happy I need music. I need music always!”

Few people know that Loco Dice has his roots in hip hop. This DJ of Tunisian origin loves reggae and jazz music and, as he says, spends his leisure time listening to what inspires him.
The owner of the prestigious label ‘Desolate’ has been at the top of the list of the world’s best DJs for years now. The only more important thing than music to this music magician is his family, which is evidenced by his famous tattoo “Guadeloupe”. Besides the beautiful memories, football, which he played as young, taught him that nothing can be done without teamwork and this is his guiding rule today among his employees and artists that he promotes. As he says, at the end of the day we all become the same and we want time to relax and be ourselves, and music gives us just that.
Another fact, which reveals the versatility of this multi-talented DJ, is his interest in interior design, as well as cooperation with a cosmetics brand which has produced a special Loco Dice nail polish. As a child he had a huge collection of small cubes which he guarded carefully, so he got a nickname Dice. Later, with the development of his DJ career, arrived prefix Loco.