Ilija Đoković

Coke Fire Stage

After being interested in all sorts of music since a very young age, Ilija Djokovic soon realized that electronic music was where his heart is truly at. Ilija started DJing back in 2010 and from that time to his current position as one of the rising individuals on Balkan techno scene, he continued to challenge and innovate his work. Known for his energetic sets made of melodic and euphoric techno, this DJ has a sense to read the crow and deliver exactly what’s needed on the dancefloor. Ilija is also making music as considered and carefully crafted as his DJ sets with releases on labels like Phobiq, Driving Forces, Funk’n Deep, Renesanz and upcoming 3-track EP on Monika Kruse’s label Terminal M. He is doing powerful techno tracks that have a great feedback both by his fans and renowned names such as Adam Beyer, UMEK, Hernan Cattaneo, Fabio Florido, Sam Paganini, Cristian Varela and Mark Knight.

Date: Thursday 5. Avgust

Time: 22:00 - 00:00