Ilario Allicante

Coke Fire Stage

One phone call from Sven Väth changed his life and now we will be dancing to the tunes of the child prodigy, Ilario Alicante, as he is one more member of Cocoon gang. Falling in love with house music and its thousand shades „at first sight“, waving from latino-hispanic to a minimal-electro sound, he devoted his production style only to these rhythms. Despite his youth, he radiates positivity and a deep understanding of his craft during his appearances around the world at the most important clubs, events and festivals. For him it comes down to one thing and one thing only – he started as a clubber, still considers himself a clubber, and he will always maintain that vital link with the dance floor.

Date: Thursday 5. Avgust

Time: 04:00 - 06:00