Gorki 99 Stage

“If man is gifted by the magic of music and technically wise, he’s meant to be a DJ, a Samurai of the 21st century, born to live with a power & code of vinyl”. DJ_Ura was growing up near by one of the Belgrade’s record factory, and his favorite first vinyl toys in early eighties, soon became great musical records collection. He possess extraordinary musical talent and enormous amount of energy, to elevate atmosphere in the clubs, by hypnotizing crowd to dance till the sunrise with sounds of House music. In the last two decades, Serbia have become one of the most popular nightlife hot-spots in the world and the home for international music festivals and events. DJ_Ura has found his place at the top of Serbian DJ scene, as one of residents @ Exit, Entrance, Echo festivals, also Late Nite Production, Pleasures and Zebra parties, therefore in the spectacles like Smirnoff Experience and Urban Experience. He was the resident at legendary clubs Basement, Bar Fly, Cave, Barutana, Plastic, Malaya beach, Mogren Beach, Ghetto, Sound & Exille boats.. His music flow still continues to burn the dancefloor whenever he is by the decks. At the same time as DJ, he developed production skills, producing hip-hop music. When he started producing house music, he said: “House is rhythm, bass and melody, everything else is freeride driving.” Together with his mate, techno producer – Kobaya, he started a project Relax FM, released on Fifth Sun Recordings from Canada. The press wrote: “These tracks tears apart a dance floor whenever they are dropped. Essential.” Nowdays, DJ Ura is a graduate audio engineer, and member of Audio engineering society. He is now promoter for the high brands in DJ industry like Allen&Heath, Play Differently Model 1, Native Instruments for the Balkan region.

Date: Friday 6. Avgust

Time: 21:00 - 22:30