Cristina Lazic

Gorki 99 Stage

Born in Milan and grown up between Italy and London, Cristina started playing the piano when she was six, grew up composing music, worked in the music industry and currently works for Google. Cristina’s sounds range from researched micro house to upbeat, groovy tech house and minimal tunes. Her aim is to make people dance and connect through music. Despite her fairly recent experience in performing as a DJ, Cristina has already gained good reputation and has built an international presence, having played in various International cities and music destinations such as London, Milan, Ibiza, Lisbon and Burning Man. As a next step in her music career, she is working on releasing her first EP. Juggling between the fast paced tech industry, motherhood and DJ performances makes Cristina unique in her style. When asked how she manages to do it all, Cristina replies that for her nothing is impossible, and her mission is to “make things happen, and do them well”. Be prepared to listen to her tracks and keep the dance floor busy all day / night long!

Date: Saturday 7. Avgust

Time: 01:30 - 03:00