Anfisa Letyago

Coke Fire Stage

Young, talented, magnetic smile – Anfisa Letyago is fast becoming one of the leaders of the new school when it comes to delivering cutting edge Electronic music. Adopted by the Italian city of Naples, that she calls ‘home’, her musical journey began back in 2010 where she established herself as a stalwart of the Italian club scene. In 2016, Anfisa made her debut single release Stop Talking with Leroy Styles on spinnin’ Records, a release that catapulted her towards international notoriety and dance music fame. Demonstrating her prowess behind the deck at a young age, Anfisa has performed around the world alongside dance music giants such as Radio Slave, Pan Pot and DJ Pierre among others. She has played at festivals across the globe and has built up an international reputation in recent years. She headlined at Beir Maariv in Tel Aviv and has just finished a South American tour that saw her play 5 dates in Uruguay, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

She is set to play back to back with DJ Pierre at the Amsterdam Dance Event, while readying herself for her showcase at Second State at Watergate in Berlin, an event that she has previously headlined. Over the past couple of years Anfisa has been busy experimenting and honing her unique sound, which flits effort- lessly between house, techno and deeper realms of underground dance music, piling all of these influences together in one fell swoop and blending them together to create her signature sound.Her productions are steadily gaining momentum throughout the world of dance music.

Date: Thursday 5. Avgust

Time: 00:00 - 2:00