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Stefan Roncevic – Runy, DJ & producer is the gray eminence of the project CMOK. The man who has invested all his energy into a unique vision to develop electronic music in the local community in which he resides. Organizing parties, booking domestic and international names using his own intuition, following his own energy and his DJ flair has led to success. However, good bookings and unique location are not the only secrets to Runy’s popularity. Raw sounds of 909 and transistor bass of the nineties intertwined with micro-house elements of French and Romanian cuisine with a charming flirtation with disco music and German dub minimal atmospheres are the essence of sound of DJ sets and productions signed by this multi-talented DJ. His production is free from constraints of genre and his experiments with jazzy quotes and techno forms present Runy as a promising producer from whom we can expect a variety of unusual editions in the future. 

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